I rest my hands from a life, which dares not be touched,

surrounded by shadowy walls, painted in crimson madness,

I am lost in the memory of shriveling light.


Awash in bitter, sullen smiles

I have stepped into a trembling abyss,

naked from insecurity; too weak to put up a fight.


In the starless pitch of blackness

I have ruptured my soul against the stony cheeks of lust

I have kissed the soul of a vacant heart and

become trapped in the sooty playground of my plight.


This will be my kingdom, my bliss.

A place where budding dreams matter

and only shadows cry in the wind.

A place where the glistening clarity of my eyes

defeats the hollow ghosts of my sight.



~ Richard


My Face

You never really saw my face,

I only reminded you

of wandering youth, the strength of hope

and the delightful kingdom of imagination

Your sight was your playground

as you seized upon the libertine,

gave into the desperate deception.

You fed your heart with flesh,

your mind wanting, dying, for lack of nourishment;

hoping to elude the pain

Only once did you hear my song,

was that enough to fill your hands

Soak your tongue seal, your fate?

If you were inclined to insecurity

would passion be enough to wash your wash your vacant heart,

would longing soothe the sandy crags of your wilted skin?

Forever now my delicate death

brings misty rains practical words

that speak not of doubt, but of unthinkable mirth,

of flowers and sunsets, of starless space and pitch black


……..and see me now

~ Richard


The subtle strumming of violins

pierces the ears lovers when your name is hummed.

Early flowers feel the sentimental pull of passion,

as you wander blithely through fields of cherry plum


Torture us with your errant smile,

prick our eyes with piercing beauty.

Beguile the hollow hearts

for the petty price of love’s cruelty


Hold fast the fools quest

to cage the winsome soul;

it is we who are ensnared

in the cloistered crypt of love’s cajole


~ Richard

A Veterans’ Day

What do you say when your child comes to for your blessing

They tells you they are going to war; they will pick up arms and fight

They will risk their life; they will stand a post.


What do you say when you fear for the future

They are entering a new world; they will descend into darkness

They will reach into their soul, to man a remote outpost.


I wish I knew the path that they would take

I wish I saw the world they would see

I wish I understood.


My thoughts border on madness

My melancholy irrepressible

I wish my words could guide them, back to a perfect childhood.


For those of us who’s children came home

We honor this day for those who did not

And those who were indelibly changed.


We honor this day, for those that gave their blessing

To those who picked up arms; for those who went to war

For the children of the children; Whose lives now feel estranged.



~ Richard

A Rock; a Role

Steady, firm, unmovable, constant

I wear the façade of strength

Whisking away life’s impediments

Standing at the door of humanity

I am powerless in face of emotion

Neutralized by the vagaries of providence

Unable to hold my countenance

Under the scrutiny of great spirits

Stable, fixed, unaffected, calm

I stare down sin for the sake of my love

Beating past the pain

How excellent is the moment of consciousness

When delirium blooms into simplicity

Whence prudence is born from vulgarity

I am the stony fortress in the forest of doubt

I am the shelter in misery’s marsh

~ Richard


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